• Local Entrepreneur Gives Back to Montco

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    Big Barker Montgomery County SheriffOn Wednesday morning in Courtroom B of the Montgomery County Courthouse, Sheriff Kilkenny spoke about the challenges K-9 units encounter.  Arthritis and hip problems are common among the large breed dogs who work long hours in service of the County.

    Fortunately for these working dogs Montgomery County is home to Big Barker, a company that specializes in orthopedic dog beds for large breeds.

    Big Barker donated a total of four beds to the County.  Three went to the Sheriffs Department for Artus, Behr and Bikkel, and one to the Norristown Police Department for Nero.  The donation was facilitated through a partnership with Finding Shelter Animal Rescue.

    Montgomery County native Eric Shannon founded Big Barker in 2012 when he learned about his own dog Hank’s hip dysplasia.

    Watch the event as it was live streamed on Facebook by Big Barker.


  • Zoning Hearing Board Public Meeting

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    The East Norriton Township Zoning Hearing Board will hold a public meeting to consider any business that may come before the Board and a Public Hearing at the Teamsters Local 384 Union Hall, 2910 Hannah Avenue, East Norriton, PA on Monday, November 9, 2015 commencing at 6:00 pm to consider the following Application/Appeal for relief under the East Norriton Township Zoning Ordinance of 2008, as amended, Chapter 205 of the Code of the Township of East Norriton:

    Case #2015-7, 3000 Keenwood Road – Application/Appeal filed by Amee S. Farrell, Esq. on behalf of Laurel House for a property located in the IN – Institutional Zoning District at 3000 Keenwood Road (Parcel Number: 33-00-04765-00-8) for the following relief:

    A variance under §205-56 to permit a domestic abuse shelter in the IN-Institutional District.

    A special exception under §205-103 to permit shared parking between Parcel A and Parcel B.

    A determination that the addition to the former convent is a permitted extension of an existing nonconforming dimensional encroachment into the front yard setback, or in the alternative, a variance from §205-59.D to permit the addition to encroach into the front yard setback.  The encroachment is approximately 11′, substantially less than the existing 48.8′ encroachment.



  • Note from Pius A. Nark – Candidate for Constable of East Norriton Township

    Date: 2015.10.27 | Category: East Norriton, Local | Response: 0

    The election on November 3rd could be more important to you than next year’s presidential election. This election will impact directly on you and your family. You will be voting for your local leaders who determine how much of your money goes to state, county and local governments to cover taxes, fees and services. You need to have a say on who is elected in order to have a say on the distribution of your money.

    My name is Pius A. Nark and I am running for the position of Constable in East Norriton Township. As a Constable I would work for the local district courts and collect fees and fines which generate income for the local municipalities. I take the position of Constable seriously. I always have and always will work full time! This is who I am.

    Please consider voting for me on November 3rd and push button D38 – the last button on the bottom right.

  • Zoning Notice

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    The Zoning Board fully intends to make their decision at the meeting on September 30th which will convene at 6 pm and run until the appropriate decision can be made.  At the previous Township Meeting Mr. Bortnnichak suggested that anyone who had an opinion on the subject should send a letter to him.  If you are a resident of East Norriton, letters of opposition or support can be addressed to: Mr. Bryan Bortnichak, Zoning Officer, 2501 Stanbridge Street, East Norriton PA 19401.


    Meeting Location: Teamsters Local Union 384 Union Hall, 2910 Hannah Avenue, East Norriton

  • Zoning Board Meeting – Laurel House Testimony and Public Comments

    Date: 2015.08.17 | Category: East Norriton, Local, Norristown | Response: 0








    Reminder to all residents concerning Laurel House at Saint Titus property.

    Tuesday August 18th 

    East Norriton Middle School

    6:00 PM

    Please come out and speak up at the meeting; public comments will be heard after the testimony.

  • Petition to Allow Laurel House to “move in”

    Date: 2015.08.13 | Category: East Norriton, Local, Norristown | Response: 2

    On behalf of the East Norriton residents who are excited about the opportunity

    to help women and children right here in our community, please share:


    Petitioning East Norriton Community

    Allow Laurel House to “move in”






  • Misconceptions about EastNorriton.org

    Date: 2015.08.12 | Category: East Norriton, Internet, Local | Response: 4

    Recently several articles have appeared in the Times Herald and other local rags (mostly through syndication) suggesting that this website is the driving force behind opposition to Laurel House.  I am not going to assume what led to that misconception.

    EastNorriton.org has always been about East Norriton.  Anyone who lives, works, or even shops in East Norriton has always been welcome to submit any content to this website.  I have no responsibility to share who that might be, nor is it relevant.

    When the residents of Keenwood Road contacted me about publishing the letter, I naturally published it.  They have the same access to this website that any individual resident or business has had in the past.  If someone chooses to put up signs directing people to this website in order to access information that is relevant to them, that is an indication to me that this site is working.

    The purpose of this website is to share information about East Norriton to residents and businesses.  No opinions regarding East Norriton have ever been rejected nor will they be.  Comments are moderated but they are not regulated by any personal opinion.  I continue to invite all interested parties to use this website to communicate ideas about your community.

    Once again if you would like to publish something on this website or request a Featured Business listing please use the contact us form.  It does work!  (Fancy submission forms do not a website make.) http://eastnorriton.org/?page_id=59

  • East Norriton Zoning Board Meeting

    Date: 2015.08.05 | Category: East Norriton | Response: 15


  • Letter Received – Laurel House / Saint Titus Zoning

    Date: 2015.07.09 | Category: East Norriton, Local | Response: 5


    Dear Fellow East Norriton Resident,

    • The purpose of this letter is to inform you of a potentially real and serious threat to all of our property values in the center of East Norriton Township. Laurel House is planning to erect a group shelter on the wooded property of 3006 Keenwood Road which is currently owned by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This group shelter will disrupt the safety, calm, and quietness of our neighborhood and unfortunately define our area forever. Laurel House will also begin planning to construct another building on this site once funding is secured to transfer all of their keys facilities to this location. For this to occur, Laurel House is applying for three zoning variances or changes, including the most important of which is allowing a group shelter to be built on the current property. Please not this shelter will not replace St. Titus Church but only be an addition to it.


    Please attend an important zoning meeting on Tuesday July 14th 2015 at 7 PM in East Norriton Township Building 2501 Stanbridge Street, to voice your displeasure with this proposed shelter based on the following reasons.

    1. The group shelter will destroy many East Norriton property values. You did not purchase your home with a group shelter nearby and will obviously find it more difficult to sell it with one, granting this variance will also open up the possibility of converting St. Titus school or any other part of the property into a shelter.
    2. The group shelter will jeopardize the safety of many East Norriton residents. Abusers would once again find their victims and put everyone in the neighborhood at risk.
    3. The group shelter will wreck the natural quietness of our community by dramatically increasing traffic flow. Group home workers and residents will be shuttling back and forth to their jobs and schools throughout the day and evening.
    4. The group shelters representative best described by East Norriton residents who attended the planning commission hearing on June 17th as evasive, not forthcoming and oblivious to their concerns.


    If you can’t attend the meeting please at least contact a zoning board officer or township supervisor. Their names may be found on the East Norriton Township website. Your help is needed. If something is not done now, we will be dealing with the ramifications of this group shelter for the rest of our time spent in East Norriton.


    Note from Editor: Residents who received this letter may have noticed that the original date for the zoning meeting was May 14th which was incorrect.  The correct date has and time is Tuesday July 14th 2015 at 7 PM which is reflected in the corrected version above.

  • Pius A. Nark Wins Republican Primary

    Date: 2015.07.02 | Category: East Norriton, Local | Response: 0

    Our formal Constable of 32 years has decided to come out of retirement.  He has resided at the same location in East Norriton since 1980.  He is asking the residents of East Norriton to re-elect him as Constable and put East Norriton back to where it was before he was replaced.



    Pius A. Nark Facebook Page



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