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  • Earthquake along East Coast

    Date: 2011.08.24 | Category: East Norriton, Norristown, Random, Weather | Response: 1

    A 5.9 earthquake hit Virginia and shook most of the East Coast. Residents in East Norriton and surrounding areas such as Blue Bell experienced shaking buildings and rattling windows. An unexpected event for an area not known for earthquakes, many evacuated their workplace and contacted friends and relatives in other cities. As cell phones carriers were overwhelmed, Facebook and twitter proved to be a more reliable form of communication until phones were back online. Still others brushed off the event as though nothing had happened. Details emerged rather quickly leaving many unsure of how to proceed with the day. The earthquake occurred around 2 pm EST and could only be felt for a few seconds in most parts of Montgomery County.

  • Regional storm grinds rush hour traffic

    Date: 2011.08.20 | Category: East Norriton, Local, Weather | Response: 0

    The storm this evening that hit the Norristown and surrounding areas slowed rush hour traffic in East Norriton to a virtual standstill. There was mild flooding on Swede and into Norristown where it becomes DeKalb. The storm seemed to be hovering right above the intersection of Germantown and Swede for almost an hour.

  • The aftermath

    Date: 2011.01.28 | Category: East Norriton, Grocery, Local, Weather | Response: 0

    Heinous crimes against shopping carts

    Shopping cart victimized by snow plows

    Most everything was cancelled today, including work!  After I finally shoveled myself out I headed into East Norriton primarily for grapes and green onions.  Been thinking about chicken salad.  Figured first I would hit up Genuardi’s since I knew Walmart wouldn’t have either of those.  Now I had planned to stop at Walmart anyways for a few things so I would forgo the eggs I needed and grab them cheaper at Walmart.  Problem was when I got to Walmart all they had was an 18 pack and they didn’t have the Oscar Meyer boxed bacon.  Mmm bacon…  So I would up going back to Genaurdi’s.  Whatever it was a nice day out, at least I thought so.  However this shopping cart probably didn’t feel the same.

  • Thundersnow

    Date: 2011.01.27 | Category: Local, Norristown, Weather | Response: 0

    I don’t know how I feel about this seemingly out of nowhere terminology that the news is using.  I do know that for as long as I can remember I’ve never seen lightning during a snowstorm.  It’s pretty wild out there.  Here’s a pic from down the street in Norristown.

    Snow covered streets

    Norristown covered in snow

  • Wal-Nite

    Date: 2011.01.27 | Category: Consumables, East Norriton, Grocery, Local, Walmart, Weather | Response: 2

    So the office closed early today due to the expectation of more snow.  It still hasn’t arrived, but everyone is betting on it. (Update: it is definately here now in the form of ThunderSnow!)  I needed quite a few things and I had planned my route before leaving work.  First I stopped at the Walgreens on the corner of Township Line and 202 in Blue Bell.  Walgreens really is a superiour pharmacy and has the best retail goods out of all the chains.  However this location is not open 24 hours!  Sometimes I wonder about this area and their obsession with non-24 hour stores.  Surrounding East Norriton you really only have Giant and 7-11 in Blue Bell.  Sure there’s the 7-11 on East Johnson Highway but I prefer the one on Swede.  Come to think of it there’s also the one down Germantown pike towards the WaWa.  Of course there’s another Walgreens there but again it’s not 24 hours.

    I did what I had to do in Blue Bell Walgreens, and even grabbed my smokes there since it would give me more freedom of line choice at Walmart.  Coming into the parking lot at Walmart, I noticed one of East Norriton’s finest parked in the fire zone.  No one was in the vehicle, and I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary inside Walmart nor a police officer.  Maybe he just needed milk or rock salt.

    Since I had gotten out of work early I grabbed a cart and took my time tonite.  One of the first things on display in the front was a near empty pallete of rock salt.  Sure I’ll grab one of the last bags.  I was also extremely pleased to discover that they had cherry limeade again!  So naturally I stocked up on a few more boxes.  I also grabbed a packet of those Tassimo Maxwell House coffee discs.  I really do love my Tassimo machine, but I had a syrup problem with it before we moved.  Sometimes when you use the hot chocolate cups, the chocolate syrup goops up the dispenser.

    When I got to the registers there were only a few open and they were all packed.  The one I picked quickly became the slowest.  This woman was paying for her items with a huge stack of unidentifiable gift cards.  They were blue with multi colored dots on them and she had to have at least 25 of them.  She only used maybe 5 of them to pay so I’m guessing they were $10 or $20 amounts.  What do you know while I’m waiting for all this, the cigarette line opens up completely so I wound up in that line anyways.

  • Snowhere

    Date: 2011.01.14 | Category: East Norriton, Local, Weather | Response: 0

    How about that blizzard earlier this week. It was pretty much weaksauce compared to the other blizzards we’ve seen. The one thing I did enjoy most was how empty the roads were in east norriton, despite perfect driving conditions. Then the very next day when all you sally’s decided to dig yourselves out was atrocious! Not only did you come out in hoards to do whatever it is you were doing, but then you drove like the roads were icy? What a disgrace, you’re in Pennsylvania people!

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