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    Date: 2011.02.28 | Category: East Norriton | Response: 3

    Ray's Diner East Norriton, PA

    Ray's Diner

    Headed into Ray’s around 1:30 for a late breakfast.  I had stopped by Walmart first to pick up a few thing, nothing really of note.  Mostly household items.  When I got into the parking lot, it looked like they had cut off the path again near the car wash that connects right there to the Arby’s which connects to the rest of the Northtowne Plaza.  Who insists on cutting this off I have no idea.  I suspect it has something to do with insurance and fear of some sort of legal backlash for who knows what.  They’ve gone back and forth for years.  We’ll see how long it lasts this time.

    While waiting to be seated I realized I was part of an unanticipated late rush.  Being that there were only 2 servers at the time, there was some confusion for a few minutes before I was able to place an order.  But everything got sorted out quickly and I got comped my side of bacon!  It’s a friendly atmosphere at Ray’s and you can expect to eat very soon after you order.  Being that it’s a diner I certainly recommend to go after some of the delicious breakfast items.  On this occaision I treated myself to Ray’s Ultimate French Toast.  It was awesome!

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    Ultimate French Toast

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